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Warm Glass UK  
Warm Glass UK - Bristol
comprehensive range of tools and equipment with an online shop.
Glasswork Services  
Bohle - Germany
Europe’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of tools, machinery and accessories for glass processing and glass finishing. Product divisions of glass handling, cutting, bonding, glazing, tools, machinery, fittings and glass surface protection.
Tiranti casting and mould making materials  
Alec Tiranti Ltd - London
Tools, materials and studio equipment, for carving, modelling, mouldmaking, casting & restoration. Products include plaster, cement, fillers, resin, hot melt rubber, silicone, polyurethane, latex, alginate, waxes, clay, epoxy, putty, plaster bandage etc etc.
Prarie Art and Glass  
Prarie Art & Glass - Ebay UK
An Ebay shop selling warm and hot glass supplies including molds, fusing supplies, kilns, glassblowing tools, gloryholes, annealers, lampworking supplies, metal art clay, beadmaking kits, stained glass supplies and pattern books.
Outside UK
Schott Glas  
Artco - California (Ships overseas)
Since 1985, primarily a hot glasstools supplier manufacturing their own line of blowpipes, US importers of Essemce handtools and Exact hand torches, wood paddles and high temperature gloves. They now stock products for kiln workers and lampworkers including extra long torch hoses.
Soft Corner Instruments - glass tools  
Soft Corner Instruments - Pakistan

Manufacturer and supplier of surgical and dental tools and instruments. Products include tools useful in many kinds of glass making and hobbyist processes and include ranges of tweezers (Jewellery making) and wax carving knives etc. e.g. Tungsten Tip Tweezers, Blunt End Tweezers, Rod Holders and Tweezer Mashers.
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